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CUMoney Prepaid VISA Debit Card

The power to manage your money is in your hands with our CUMoney prepaid debit card.

Now there's a way to control your spending, but still enjoy the convenience of a VISA debit card. The CUMoney Card is a prepaid VISA debit card designed to help you manage your money because it's pre-funded. That means you can only spend the amount on the card. We even provide you with online management tools so you can track your spending just by checking your computer. 


Manage Your Prepaid Debit Card From Your Computer.

Our internet management tool lets you track your spending with just a few clicks, so you always know how much you've spent, how much money is left on your card, and can better understand your spending habits. It's an easy way to stay within your budget.


When the card is running low on funds, just re-load it by calling or stopping by our office to let us know how much to transfer from your savings to the card. You may also re-load your card from your own personal checking account by using the internet management tool.


Put an End to Being Overdrawn or Paying Overdraft Fees.

You can only spend the amount on your prepaid debit card, so you never overdraw a checking account. This eliminates overdraft fees and embarrassing mistakes. 


Our prepaid debit card is also very safe. It's not tied to your checking or savings account, so if it's lost or stolen, you won't have any risk. It comes with Zero Liability Protection for your security so it's much safer than carrying cash.


To order your prepaid debit card*, visit the WCSEFCU office, located in the Ware County Board of Education. 




*Must be member to apply

*Prepaid Debit Card ($7  per card)

Prepaid Debit Card Account Disclosure

Cardholder Customer Service:

For balance inquiries or lost/stolen cards, call 1-833-729-2853.

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