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Loan Products


Ware County School Employees Federal Credit Union is here to make loans to our members for almost any purpose.  We offer a variety of loans at fair and reasonable finance rates and convenient terms.


Loan interest rates could be as low as 2.25% APR (annual percentage rate) up to 28.00% APR.  The actual rate will depend on your individual credit rating and the collateral age/value if considered.


We have adopted "risk-based" pricing in order to become the lender of choice for all members, by offering the best possible rate based on each individual's credit history/score.  Certain members represent more risk than others.  Less creditworthy members benefit by qualifying for a loan with our Credit Union instead of resorting to higher-cost alternatives such as finance companies.  Members with good credit history can qualify for a loan at a competitive rate with us so they do not have to turn to other financing sources.


Other factors are involved (disposable income, debt-to-income rate, unsecured credit, etc.) - Contact Us for more information.


Apply in person at our office located inside the Ware County Board of Education OR fill out our PDF fill-able application online.  Please print the application to complete.  You may fax the completed application or call to set up an appointment. 


Effective March 2024. Rates subject to change.



Types of loans offered to members


Short Term Small Amount Loans

Signature Loans

Auto Loans

Share Secured Loans

Student Loans

Mortgage Loans

Mobile Home & Land Loans

Land Loans

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